My Top 10: Food Dishes I Could Not Live Without

Something that I do to help get myself writing, is to buy books with writing prompts, I just recently bought one called “My Top 10” by Piccadilly.  They require a little bit of thinking to do each one, and get my brain ready for work or to write.  Anyway, I thought it would be fun on days when I’m not posting anything else to share one of these top ten lists.

Today’s top ten list is My Top 10: Food Dishes I Could Not Live Without.

  1. Homemade Ravioli (My mother’s side of the family is Italian, and we make homemade ravioli on occasion—it’s a ton of work so it doesn’t happen as often as we would all like.  They are my absolute favorite food ever.)
  2. Pizza (‘Nuff said.)
  3. Buffalo Chicken (At it’s best it’s a spicy, buttery bite of deliciousness, at it’s worst it’s a flaming, vinegar-y helping of heartburn, but always worth it.)
  4. Peking Ravioli (I love ravioli’s, but most places don’t make Italian ravioli’s correctly.  The Chinese on the other hand know how to make a ravioli, and it’s amazing.)
  5. Rigatoni Al Amitriciana (The sauce is the key here, it’s a spicy red sauce, with pork cheek, or if you’re on a budget prosciutto.  I had it in Rome on my honeymoon, and was instantly in love, my wife have recreated it relatively well, and I’ve managed to find a couple of restaurants in the US that know how to do it.)
  6. Fettuccine Alfredo (My mom’s recipe is amazing, and I can’t divulge it, but while most people put chicken and broccoli in their Alfredo, we do mushrooms.  Lots of dairy doesn’t agree with me, but it’s totally worth it.)
  7. Chicken Parm (This used to be my absolute favorite, but I’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to find great chicken parm so I’m eating it very rarely.  However the thought of never having it ever again is heart breaking.
  8. Caprese Salad (I have a tomato fetish, I’ve often told my wife that tomatoes are my mistress and she’s ok with that.  Caprese Salad is like a tomato, mozzarella threesome, and it’s awesome.)
  9. Nachos (This one’s like pizza, it’s self explanatory.  But I will say that I like nachos with pulled pork, or grilled chicken, I like nachos with cheddar, or with mozzarella.  What nacho plate isn’t great?)
  10. Tacos (I like tacos a lot, but my wife makes the best tacos, and we get to put what we want on them when they’re homemade.  My personal favorite thing is mixing sriracha and sour cream into a light pink sauce that smothers the meat, veggies and cheese.)

Anyway, that’s my list.  What do you think?  What would you put on your top ten list of must have foods?  Let me know.  But I don’t recommend trying to write this list out while you’re hungry.  Learn from my mistake.

Published by Michael Christopher Cole

Michael, is a highly motivated, filmmaker and video professional. Coming from a marketing background, Michael knows not only the ins and outs of a quality video, but also how to make the most impact across various media platforms. In addition to his work with Chocolate Diamond Media, Mike enjoys family time with his wife and son, traveling, and reading.

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