My Top 10: Things I Should Do but Don’t

This one wasn’t as difficult, but I’m not sure I had to go as deep for it either.

  1. Exercise more (I try to honestly, but my life is chaotic with a new baby, and trying to balance school, and work, and life.  Exercise gets pushed to the back burner.  Today in fact I was planning on going to the gym with my brother-in-law, and forgot my gym clothes.  Even though I haven’t been getting around to exercising, my wife and I have been making a point of trying to be more active and have spent our weekends, and some of our nights after work taking long walks with the baby.)
  2. Eat better (This isn’t as difficult as I make it seem, the truth is that when I eat well I don’t feel satiated properly.  This I have found is probably also due to lack of exercise.  I’ve been noticing on days when I’m active this problem is significantly less.)
  3. Look on the bright side (I’m a pretty negative person.  I have always been a fan of comedy, and wanted to get into it for a long time, and being negative in a funny way was what I thought comedy was.  So I began to complain, and grumble, sometimes about things I legitimately liked, and in the process, I’ve talked myself out of liking things that I used to like.  I should—and am going to start—trying to talk myself into liking things.  It may not be as funny to be positive, but it will make my life better.)
  4. Worry less (I’m a little bit of a Chicken Little.  I get consumed in something bad that’s happening, and I’m sure that it is a sign that even worse is coming.  I worry about almost everything, and I know it’s not healthy for me.)
  5. Do/give more (So I mean in regards to charity, or improving the world.  I give a little bit, but certainly not enough.  I really want to make the world a better place, and right now my contribution consists of being outspoken about the issues I believe are important, and giving food occasionally.  I need to do more.)
  6. Go outside more (I’ve been going outside more lately, but I’m still not sure it’s enough.  My son can’t crawl or walk yet, and I think once he can do that, I’ll be outside even more.  But I have a tendency to stay in and watch TV after work, and I should probably cut back on that.)
  7. Write more (No matter how much I do get to do these exercises every day, or work on my thesis, or write short stories in what little free time I have, there is always more to write than time to write it.)
  8. Be social (I see my immediate family and in-laws pretty often, but in the last couple years my hanging out with friends has diminished almost to nothing.  There are a few reasons, a lot of my friends moved away from Massachusetts, and the ones that remain have kids and so we have a hard time fitting each other in.  There is another reason though… I don’t want to.  I’m pretty content just seeing my wife and son, and occasionally seeing my parents and my sister.  I don’t feel the need to see almost anyone else, and only force myself out of obligation.  This isn’t to mean that I dislike the people, in fact when I push myself to go out and see people, I do enjoy it most of the time, but I never want to go hang out.)
  9. Save money (I have a 401k, and a college savings account for my son, but I could be saving more.  The problem that I’m facing is trying to find a good balance between living in the moment, while at the same time not completely burning through the potential for the future.  I guess I need to earn more, but I’m pretty happy for the moment.)
  10. Travel more (This one almost totally contradicts the saving money one, but I do tend to be more active, and outside when I’m traveling so those are good.  The truth is I’ve been lucky to be able to travel a good amount, but I still want to travel more.  I want to see a lot more of the US, and Europe.  I could honestly go to Italy every year if I had the money, and I want to live in LA, but since I know I’m most likely never going to commit to it, I like traveling there when possible.  My wife and I have traveled a lot together, and we’re a good match for how we like to travel, and now that we have a baby, we’re a little more limited in our travel options, but so far with long day trips he’s been great.  I think we’re taking him on his first flight next month, so we’ll get a feel for how that is and hopefully we can continue!)

Well that’s my top 10 things I should be doing that I’m not.  What did you think?  What are some things that you should be doing that you’re not?

Published by Michael Christopher Cole

Michael, is a highly motivated, filmmaker and video professional. Coming from a marketing background, Michael knows not only the ins and outs of a quality video, but also how to make the most impact across various media platforms. In addition to his work with Chocolate Diamond Media, Mike enjoys family time with his wife and son, traveling, and reading.

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