Summer, I’m Sorry

Dear Summer,

Last time I saw you, I know that I didn’t show you enough attention, that I didn’t tell you how beautiful you were.  You absolutely glowed, and I really miss you right now.

It wasn’t too bad when you first left, I thought it would be worse.  You’re replacement was as erratic as when I had seen her last.  She was almost nice, and my son seemed to like her.

Then as she got ready to go, I thought “Wow, I can probably live without Summer.”  I’m sorry, I didn’t know how wrong I was.  Now I’m dealing with this dark, icy asshole, and I cannot handle it.

I hide inside my house from her, watching as she wreaks havoc on my home.  I tried calling the police, and I told them she was outside throwing a hissy fit, but they told me that there was nothing that they could do.  I tell my friends and family about how she’s terrorizing me, and they laugh and think I’m telling stories.

I need you to come back sooner than you had planned, please.  I’m begging you.  I need to bathe in your light.  I need to feel you surrounding me, embracing me.

When you come back, I will never take you for granted again.  I will treat you as special as you deserve.

Please come back,


P.S.  I’d be happy with your sister Spring in the mean time.

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