How I Knew She was the One

Today, is my three year wedding anniversary, and in honor of my amazing wife, I wanted to tell you all, about when I realized she was the one.

A little bit of background, we started dating in early November of 2010, and pretty much immediately we started seeing each other every day.  At the time, I worked a crappy job at a cell phone store, with odd hours, and she worked at a restaurant and bar, with even worse hours.  Our first date was a lunch date, because we wanted to go out that day, but both of us were working in the afternoon until at least 10 (she was probably working until 1 or 2).

By January, we had seen each other every day for roughly sixty days in a row, and were going strong.  We decided we wanted to go away for Spring Break (we were both enrolled part time in school in addition to full time work).  So we planned a road trip down to Florida, we would stay with my aunt for a few days in Jacksonville, and we would go to Orlando for a few.

Finally, Spring Break came, and I worked until 5 P.M. on Friday, and she picked me up at my parents house at 5:30, and we drove straight through the night.  We obviously took turns sleeping, but drove until about 11 the next morning.  Driving straight through like that can be irritating regardless of whether or not you like the person your with, but we had fun.  Sarah still likes to remind me of going through the McDonald’s drive-thru at two in the morning, with me fully asleep in the passenger seat, covered in her hot pink Snuggie.

During the week, we went to St. Augustine, and saw an alligator park, and Disney, and Universal.  The only break that Sarah and I got from each other the entire week were our bathroom breaks, and there wasn’t a single moment in which we felt sick and tired of each other.

It was the first time in our relationship that we weren’t stealing a brief couple hours from the rest of our busy lives, and it was a true test of whether or not our relationship was conditional based on the circumstances, and we passed.

At some point that week, I realized I wanted to marry her, and the vacation was so incredible to her, that we have gone back to try to recreate it three times.  The first time we went back, which was two years later, I proposed to her at Epcot, and then a year and a half later (three years ago today) I got to be her husband!

I love you Sarah.

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