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You probably know if you’ve been reading this long enough, that my goal that I’m actively working towards is being a professional writer (I have been paid to do some ghostwriting and I’m glad to say that’s progress, but it hasn’t been consistent).  I try to update on here, talking about whatever topics I have opinions on.

Lately, I’ve been posting about once a week on here, which is a rate that I’m happy with, but it has definitely reduced in the past few months, and so I want to explain to you all what’s going on.

In July, I got a full-time (non-writing) job and that has taken a fair amount of my time and energy.  My writing output altogether has been reduced by this, but I’m still doing quite a bit.

I have been working on my novel for the last year, and if I’m being honest, I’m currently at a stand still with that, for a few reasons.  Part of the way I work when it comes to fiction, is to write as much as I can, and walk away for a while.

I did the same with a short story that I wrote about 9 months ago, and then after I got some rejections to publishing that, I sent it to a few friends whom I thought would be able to help me edit it.  The feedback was positive, and luckily there were some suggestions, but the suggestions tend to lead me to expanding it.  I have been working on that again for about a month or so, and I’m starting to think it may end up being novella length by the time I’m finished with it.

I’ve also been tinkering with a comic book that I think would work great, but it’s a new format for me to write, and so it’s taking me a long time.  That’s ok, I want it to be right, and not quick.

Lately, you may have noticed that I’ve been contributing some articles over at The World’s Best Blog with Paul Wright.  I’ve had two articles already post over there—the first about adapting source material, and the second about the future of the Star Wars franchise— with a third article posting in the next couple days.  This has been a great writing experience, and one that I think I’m going to continue doing for the foreseeable future.

Lastly, and this one is something that is going to affect this website, I’m starting a new fictional time-travel blog.  It’s going to be a blog telling the narrative of a time-traveler, and I’m really excited about it.  I’ve written the first post, and eventually once I have 5-10 posts, I will be linking to it on this site, and sharing it with those of you who are interested in fiction/time-travel.

I will definitely try to continue posting on here at least once a week, but I want to try to avoid letting myself go back into just writing filler or specifically about the political news of the day, because not only do I not want to alienate anyone, but it wasn’t the intention for this blog at all, and honestly it was exhausting.

If anyone wants to be update about any of these particular projects please let me know, and I can definitely contact you when I have more information.

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