What I Want To See: Game of Thrones Spin-off by Guest Correspondent Mike Cole!

I mentioned that I have been writing articles for The World’s Best Blog with Paul Wright, and here is my latest article. Let us know what you think about it.

World’s Best Media

               What I Want to See:
Game of Thrones Spin-Off

Writer: Michael Cole

​Recently, it was announced that a FIFTH Game of the Thrones spin-off is in development over at HBO. I’m likely to give them all a try, but if we’re looking at it being franchised to that level, I have something very specific I would like to see happen, and I think you’ll want to see this too.
​I should clarify that, obviously, we don’t know how the original series is going to end, and at least a couple of the spin-offs have been called prequels. We don’t know who will survive the final season, whether Westeros will be alive and well, severely damaged, or a White Walker infested hell-scape. Because we have no clue what’s coming, keep in mind that my pitch, which is a spin-off taking place after the events…

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