Oh The Horror!: A non-Horror Fans’s Journey (writer by Mike Cole)

Hi Everyone,
I have another article up over on The World’s Best Blog with Paul Wright. This one is not part of my regular series over there. It’s just a stand-alone article about my personal experience with horror movies in honor of Halloween. I hope you enjoy!

World’s Best Media

Hey guys,

It’s Paul

Halloween and Horror have been the unofficial themes of the month at World’s Best Media. You can see that mainly reflected in our podcasts, but we’ve been trying to infuse the Halloween spirit everywhere. Tim and I (especially Tim) are big Horror Movie fans. So, Mike was kind enough to write up an article from his point of view as a non-Horror Movie fan. Halloween is coming soon, folks! Read below! Enjoy!


Written by Mike Cole

​I’m a huge film buff, but I would also argue that I’m a bit of a film snob. I don’t think this is necessarily a great thing, arguably it is better to not have discerning taste, as then you can enjoy everything. Horror fans tend to be my role models in this way. Many horror fans, will go see ANY horror film that comes out. It’s why the genre is…

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