My Son Made Me So Proud

Last night, I watched the two part finale of the CW Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis On Earth-X.  It was awesome, and I highly recommend it, and I might get into some slight spoilers, but this post isn’t really about that.

In the final of 4 episodes, there is a long emotional farewell to one of the characters, and it was in my opinion one of the best done/saddest TV deaths I’ve witnessed in quite some time.  As the events unfolded, I became fully immersed in it, and began crying.  Like fully, ugly crying, which lead to full on sobbing.  I’m not ashamed to admit that.

I was sitting on the couch, and my wife and 19 month-old son were on the love seat, and as I’m weeping openly, my wife looks down at my son who is fully imitating me.  He’s not actually crying, he’s contorting his face to match mine, and purposely sniffling the way that I am.

“Mike, he’s making fun of you!” she said with a laugh.

I look over, and there is no doubt, he is copying me, but as she begins to laugh, and I look over at him, he begins to laugh too.  I’m pretty sure her laughter is what prompted his own, and that his mimicry wasn’t meant to be little me, but just because he’s in a stage in which he copies everything.

That doesn’t change how it appeared, and it appeared as if he were mocking the quivering pile of goo formerly known as “Dada,” and laughing at me.

…And it was amazing.

I’m not sure how much my sense of humor shines through in this blog, but I love being mocked or called out, when it’s people whom I love, and it’s truly funny.  This was the most important person in the world to me, looking at me with adoration and still managing to show me how ridiculous I looked.

I love the British phrase “taking the piss,” and Logan certainly “took the piss” out of me last night.

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