A New Chocolate Diamond in 2018

Hey Everyone,

As you may know, back in 2008, my friend Adam and I started Chocolate Diamond Productions, today after a long hiatus, we made a big announcement about the new direction for the company which will now be called “Chocolate Diamond Media”.

Chocolate Diamond Media

Hi Everyone,

We here at Chocolate Diamond Media (formerly Chocolate Diamond Productions) have been working on revamping our company.  We haven’t put out a video in a few years, and really have been stagnate on projects, but in 2018 we’re going to remedy that.

The first thing we’ve done is created a new logo to represent our name change:


Secondly, within the first week or two of January, we’re hoping to launch a podcast which has been in development for the last month, and is about ready to record the first episode.  The podcast will discuss movies, and will be hosted by Chocolate Diamond Media co-founder Michael Christopher Cole, and his wife Sarah Cole.  Beyond that, we want to keep the exact subject matter of the podcast hush-hush until the time at which we’re ready to premiere the first episode.

If you’d like to stay update on our progress, and…

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