Let’s Talk About Format

Chocolate Diamond Media

We’ve done three new shorts over the past three and a half months, and we have a fourth coming out at the end of this month.  Only one of those films, so far, has been narrative, with the other two being more experimental.  If you haven’t watched them yet, and want to know exactly what I’m talking about check them out (“Crying” and “Spooning”).

Those two, and the one we’re working on for May, are me trying to create a new style or format, and so I’m hoping to get some feedback.  So, the idea behind this new format, is that I wanted to write bits, that are similar to stand-up, and then hopefully accompany them with imagery, that illustrates, heightens, or compliments the monologue.  Now, I’ve had a pretty minimal experience in performing stand-up, but have been writing in various forms comedy for a long time.  So…

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