A Bonus Short Film This Month!

Chocolate Diamond Media

I’ve been trying to keep with 1 short film a month as a minimum, to assure that we’re putting out a reasonable amount of content, while at the same time not committing to too much, and letting the quality (or the improvement) slip.  This month, I have been working on the regular film that will be out on Tuesday, but I also had a film that I wanted to make that was time-sensitive.

So this month you’re getting the main film, but a couple of days ago, we also released another film, that is a comedy take on what we (originally Paul of World’s Best Media) think must be going on behind the scenes every time Tom Cruise takes on a new Mission Impossible, and more importantly a new, bigger-than-the-last stunt.  It must be a really tense life walking that particular line.  Check it out:

Let us know what…

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