Constant, Stationary, Thunderless Lightning!

Chocolate Diamond Media

This has been a crazy week, and we actually uploaded two new videos this week.  The first was a planned video about Mike Birbiglia for our Moment of Inspiration series, and I thought that was going to be the only upload Tuesday night, and then I went outside to walk my dog, and saw what is the strangest natural phenomena I’ve ever witnessed (and I also saw a tornado this week), lightning that was exactly what the subject line described, ‘constant, stationary, thunderless lightning!’  I was outside with the dog for like 5 minutes watching, before going back into the house, grabbing my camera and capturing our second video upload of the night.

(I didn’t edit the footage at all, other than stopping the recording about 45 minutes before the lightning stopped.)

I had hoped that our Moment of Inspiration video would be this week’s highlight, but I kind…

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