Trump’s Long Game, and: How It Will Benefit the Whole Planet

(This piece was an op-ed story I wrote for a website that felt it wasn’t right for their website, but I still think the points I make are valid.  Let me know what you think.) What would you say, if I told you that world peace was within your grasp?  You have to admit it,Continue reading “Trump’s Long Game, and: How It Will Benefit the Whole Planet”

That’s Inappropriate!

In my book, I wrote an essay about “words we need to get rid of,” and I’m afraid that the 10 people who’ve read my book, didn’t get the message across. One of the big words that I championed getting rid of, was the word ‘inappropriate,’ and yet it is still extremely overused, and soContinue reading “That’s Inappropriate!”

Standing At The Edge of the Water

Today was the day, Sarah and I packed Logan up, left the house and drove to Wrightsville Beach.  Sarah has been longing for a beach day for weeks, and I had wanted to go surfing.  (For a brief history of my surf experience check out The Water Beneath Me) Surfberry, the surf shop —at which IContinue reading “Standing At The Edge of the Water”

4th of July!

I want to start off this post talking about the 4th of July.  When I was a kid, it was so exciting to get to see parades, and fireworks, and go to cookouts, but the idea of what it represented was fairly vague in my head.  I’m sure that’s fairly normal.  As I grew older,Continue reading “4th of July!”


Have you ever seen a handicap person getting out of a car right in front of a store, and thought “why do they get all the good stuff”?  Or thought “how come black people get to say the ‘n-word,’ and I don’t?” Or thought “I bet they’re just dressing up like a girl to seeContinue reading “#Heterosexualprideday”

Life in the Driver’s Seat

As you probably know, I was laid off back in November.  When that happened, two things really started to swirl around in my mind.  The first, obviously, was determination to get a new job—there was no way around it, I need a job in order to survive.  The second thing that entered my mind wasContinue reading “Life in the Driver’s Seat”