2020 Website Overhaul

I know that I haven’t posted on here in a long time, but I wanted to let you all know, that I’ve been putting my full time effort into Chocolate Diamond Media since about December, and if you’re interested in keeping up with what I’m doing, please check out that site, and consider subscribing. It’s a bit more video/business related material than the stuff I’ve posted on here previously, but It’s something that I’m really proud of.
Thank you!

Chocolate Diamond Media

Today is the final day of January, and we’re proud to announce, that we’ve successfully overhauled this website, and have a clear focus going forward into the year. We’re planning on 2020 being the year that we really focus on the business of being a business. Over the last several years, we’ve participated in lots of different video ‘gigs’ and ‘contests,’ and really worked on the task of honing our skills, but now we’re ready to strike and start working with clients directly in order to make their video dreams a reality.

If you look over the site, you’ll see that we now have three clear categories of media services that we’re offering; advertising/branding videos, product photography, and wedding videos. The way that we chose to start in these areas is simple. These are areas where we can help our clients with their passions. Whether you’re a small business trying…

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Who is the Best Dumbledore? Paul & Mike Debate!

Hey everyone,

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, I helped write half of an argument over who the superior Dumbledore is over at World’s Best Media. Let us know in the comments who is right, and who is dead! (Wrong fantasy movie, sorry)

World’s Best Media


We’re about to get the second installment of the Fantastic Beasts series, and with it, we’re getting Jude Law as Albus Dumbledore, and frankly, he looks amazing.  There is a chance he could be the best Dumbledore, but for the time being, let’s discuss the two Dumbledores that we’ve had real experience with; the old Dumbledores.


First there was Richard Harris, who started off the Harry Potter films as Dumbledore in the first two installments.  At the time, Richard Harris was seen as perfect.  Then, he passed away, and they cast Michael Gambon who played the character until the final film in that series.  Since the final film, I hear people often refer to him as the superior Dumbledore, in fact Paul and I had a discussion about this a few months ago when the first trailers came out for FB2, and we both landed on opposite sides of the…

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The Crimes of Grindelwald (Fantastic Beasts 2) Final Trailer

Are you excited about the new Fantastic Beasts film? I know I am, and today the new trailer dropped, and it’s awesome!

World’s Best Media

Hi everyone,

The final trailer for the second installment of Fantastic Beasts dropped about an hour ago, give it a watch and then scroll down to see what I thought about it:

The first thing that I want to talk about is Newt Scamander, played by Eddie Redmayne.  Newt was amazing in the first one, and I absolutely loved what he brought to the table, but there had been some rumors that he was going to be downplayed in this film due to audience response.  I’m glad to see that this trailer looks like that isn’t true.


Newt is a great protagonist because he’s so different from the archetypal male protagonists we’re used to in action films, universe namesake Harry Potter.  I mean, I love the original movies, but did you ever notice that Harry’s magical method is definitely shouting his incantations and spells as loud as possible to make…

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What I Want to See: DCEU

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, and this is about a week old, but I’ve been a bit crazy between creating content for Chocolate Diamond Media, trying to raise funds for an IndieGoGo campaign for a feature film, and writing this and a couple of other articles for Paul at World’s Best Media. I hope you enjoy my take on what I want to see in the DCEU following Henry Cavill’s departure.

World’s Best Media

It was announced today, that Henry Cavill is no longer going to be the live action Superman in the DCEU.  It was recently confirmed (and long rumored) that Ben Affleck was not going to be Batman in the DCEU.  So, the DCEU is down 2 of their three most iconic characters, and many people are speculating a ‘soft reboot’ of the DCEU in general.  Of their 5 films so far, the only success across the board (critics/fans/box office) has been Wonder Woman, and so this might make sense to do.  Especially since Wonder Woman and the upcoming sequel take place before the events of the other 4 films released so far.

MV5BMTA1NDM2ODUxOTNeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDgxOTEyMDYz._V1_Has Aquaman ever looked cooler?

Now, I personally think this reboot idea will likely take some of its cues from what happens with December’s Aquaman film.  We already saw Jason Mamoa as the character in Justice League, and I’ve…

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What I Want to See: The Women Of The MCU

World’s Best Media


I finally saw Ant-Man and The Wasp yesterday, and I realized something, Hope Van Dyne is my favorite female character in the MCU. Realizing that made me reflect on the role of women in the MCU.


It’s been pretty well discussed among critics and fans that for a while the MCU had a female problem.  Despite Black Widow having been introduced in the third (of 20 so far) MCU films, she took a long time to gain prominence in screen time, or plot relevance (I’m not sure we’ve even seen her have more screen time or relevance to the story, than anyone but Hawkeye).  Fans were asking for a Black Widow film, and Marvel Studios’ response was something along the lines of “when it’s right we’ll do it”. which at the time probably felt like a cop-out, but they were having the same complaints made about having a non-white main character…

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PODCAST: A Kevin Smith Episode! (But We End Up Mostly Telling Funny Stories Instead)

I was a guest on the most recent episode of the World’s Best Podcast, and you’ll definitely enjoy it! (Unless you’re related to me, in which case, I strongly advise skipping it.)

World’s Best Media

Hey Everybody!

Paul here…


At long last, Special guest co-host Mike Cole returns to The World’s Best Podcast! He and I set out to discuss the work of filmmaker Kevin Smith. His movies, his comics, his podcasts, his whole career. The highs and the lows. Buuuuut… when you get a couple of old friends together and the crazy, absurd stories start flying, it’s easy for everything to go of the rails. Boy, did it! In the best possible way. This is a 2-Part Episode so we still have plenty of Kevin Smith analysis coming your way. But in this podcast, enjoy some ridiculous, profane, and hopefully pretty damn funny stories! We did manage to get just a little bit of Kevin Smith discussion here or there, though.

(His weight loss transformation has been incredible. He’s the last guy I’d expect to make a change like this. Yes, the heart attack…

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