Ode to ‘Fuck’

(This poem is originally from my book: Everything I’ve Got) I Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb; Fuck in many forms. Carlin opened my eyes, and showed its full potential. A word so perfect, like a master key, able to fit in anywhere.      ‘Fuck Yeah!’ Verbalized adrenaline coursing out our mouths. Heart pounding, pumping like aContinue reading “Ode to ‘Fuck’”


My twelve-year-old hands tremble, and sweat, I pass slide the note in the vent of the locker, as it disappears, my heart slams against my ribs in panic. After lunch, she walks up to me, her group waiting a few feet behind staring, “Um… Mike, thanks but I think we should just be friends.” IContinue reading “Rejection”

I Haul

YAWWW! The door squeaks open, I grab the handle above my head, and climb in. The key has an oversized plastic placard attached, I slide it into the ignition and turn, the engine strains for a moment and turns over. I pull the bar down the column, and release my foot off the break, asContinue reading “I Haul”

Before Yours

How many eyes did I look into before yours? Some were greener, sparkling emeralds encased in perfect white cloth. Others were blue, brighter than a robin’s egg, in a nest made of cloud. There were even a couple that were brown, rich chocolate drops, dabbed on white packaging. How many lips did I dream of kissingContinue reading “Before Yours”

Fresh Cut Grass

The freshly mowed grass on my scalp tickles at the touch, the drops of water accumulate slowly at the top, trickling slow and deliberately down each blade. The breeze feels closer without the overgrowth of just an hour earlier, I can feel a surreal sensation of the phantom hair now missing, my temples feel exposed,Continue reading “Fresh Cut Grass”