6 Red Flags To Look For As An Interviewee
(Published Jul. 15, 2017)

An article about bad interviewing practices to watch out for as a job applicant.

Father’s Day Guest Blog
(Published Jun. 16, 2017)

This is a personal story about being a ‘stay at home dad’ after having been laid off.  I shared the benefits which are less apparent than the down sides.

From CAD Design to Prototype — A Look at 3D Printing File Formats
(Published Nov. 10, 2016)

This is an article I wrote about how different 3D file formats affect 3D printing output. For engineers and designers working with 3D printers, the file formats can have a large impact on the products that they’re creating.


Everything I’ve Got: A Collection of Short Stories, Poems, and Essays

This is a collection that I wrote over a span of five years while going to school.  I tend to write stories that are either deeply personal, or that I find amusing.  The poetry is entirely personal, mostly inspired my my family, or beliefs.  The essays tend to be rants that are written in what I consider to be a stand-up comedy style of prose.


The Golden Derby
(Published Jul. 3, 2017 in The Penmen Review)

This is a story about a man who has to face a tough decision regarding his daughter and her boyfriend.