Spec Internal Newsletter

The following is a newsletter I made up to imitate a real newsletter, but for this, I’ve used my own information to fill in the content.

Year in Review

2019 was a great year for us, and here are the highlights for you to check out. We picked the best moments and important pieces and compiled them for you to look back, and more importantly to move forward.

Most liked photo of the year

Straight from our Instagram feed, this was our most popular picture of 2019!

With 40 Likes and 14 Comments, this picture of the Cole family in front of our house on our first day as home-owners, was our most popular Instagram post of the year!

Where’d we go this year

Michael = Orange
Sarah = Green
Logan = Blue

As always, the Cole Family wanted to check some more states off the list this year. Michael was able to check Wyoming off of his list, putting his current total at 26 states visited. Logan added Colorado, California, and Wyoming to his states, getting him up to 22 states (not bad for not quite 4 years old!) And Finally, with the most states added this year, is Sarah, who added Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona, tying her with her husband at 26 states.

Michael is saying he hopes our family will be able to check Kentucky, and Alabama off of our lists in 2020, in just a couple of short weekend roadtrips, but he admits that he’s hoping to get to Mississippi, and maybe Michigan as well, so that in 2021 he can start focusing on more western states.

Wrapping up 2019 and onward to 2020

Gallie and Cora love fighting over their pizza.

As the year winds to an end, it’s important to end on a strong note, and therefore hopefully begin 2020 on an equally strong note. In order to achieve this, the Cole family adopted our second dog, a “Morkie” (pretty sure it’s a Schnoxie, but the paperwork says Morkie) named Cora, who joins her sister Gallie in our home.

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