Short Stories

I write a lot of short stories and have included some below.  These stories come from varying origins, some were assignments in school, others are segments torn from real life, and other still are fantasy and nightmare.  If you enjoy these, please check out my publications tab where you can find more of my short stories.


Back to Earth
Originally this was written as an assignment for a class.  It is a fictional continuation of the story from the film Man on The Moon.  In this story Andy Kaufman has faked his own death, and is living a somewhat normal life in obscurity.

The Ballad of Lil’ Rock
The story of a rapper preparing to come out as a gay man.

A man lives with a hole in his life, where is brother and best friend should be, after his brother dies.

The Journey (From “Everything I’ve Got”)
The story of a man, who’s two great loves were his family and travel.  This is the story of his life, and death.

Lemon Tree Streets
This is a continuing story of a couple on their honeymoon in Italy.  Currently, parts One and Two are available.

Moths in My Stomach
This is a micro-short story, entered in to a contest with a limit of 50 words or less.

The Preoccupied Richard Miller
Richard Miller is an author promoting his latest book on public radio when he gets asked a somewhat uncomfortable and personal question about the nature of his writing.

Serata Finale a Roma
On his final night of a business trip in Rome, a man meets a beautiful woman on a rooftop pool, and his imagination runs wild.

The Shoulds
A nameless narrator has to make a decision about how to live when faced with unemployment and the prospect of finding a new meaningless job.

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