On this page you will find my essays on a variety of topics.  I am referring to these as essays, as many of them are examinations of topics as opposed to blogs which I would consider more personal and journal-like.  You’ll find the title of each essay and a brief description accompanying it.


Animal Cruelty- From a Non-Animal Lover’s Perspective
After seeing a petition against a man who kicked a cat, I reflected on animal cruelty.

Bi-Polar Winds Blow
Winter weather gets me down, but New England winter is like a rollercoaster, and for someone who’s mental state depends to some extent on the weather, this can be a crazy ride.

Choosing is the Hard Part
I potentially have to choose between two great opportunities or continuing to live near my family.

Crawl On Through
A lesson on perseverance from an unlikely source.

Crossing the Line
The line between who I am in private and who I am in public was a hard one to cross, and I’ve nearly obliterated it.

Dead and Gone
I’ve been thinking a lot about losing people lately, and I needed to get some of it out here.

A Discussion to Help Me Understand Better
An examination, and call for answers, about Rachel Dolezal, as she regains some news attention for having changed her name to sound more African-American.

Do You Deserve to Be Happy?
More and more, I feel like we’re not able to deal with unhappiness, and we seem to think we deserve happiness 24-7, and I have been thinking a lot about that mind-set lately.

Emotional Torture on TV
I talk about TV shows that we love even though they don’t make us feel good.

How Supergirl is Standing Out from the Rest of the DCTVU
A brief description of how I think Supergirl is fulfilling the promise of comic books better than it’s CW partner shows.

Just Keep Swimming
We’re all aware that physical exercise is vital to being healthy, but many of rarely think about mental exercise which can be equally important.

More Confidence and More Fear
This is an reflection on my life so far, how a sense of self and purpose made me less ballsy, and hopefully in the absence of bravery, I gained maturity.

My Relationship with Literature
An essay on how I determine what to read, based on desire/cultural relevance and other criteria.

My Thoughts on the Possibility of States Seceding from the US
With a lot of discussion going on about whether or not states are going to secede from the US due to President Trump, I decided to weigh in.

The Next Four Years
In the final hour of President Obama’s Administration, I wrote about my hopes and thoughts for the incoming Trump Administration.

RompHims Are Just the Latest Example of People Not Minding Their Own Business
Just another example of people arbitrarily judging others based on a fad.

Summer, I’m Sorry
A love letter written to Summer, in order to get her to return despite the fact that at the end I clearly took her for granted.

Trans Bathroom Politics Examined
With all of the talk about the Trans community which bathrooms they can and cannot use that we’ve endured the last couple years, I thought I’d weigh in with my opinion and hopefully some common sense.

Water Beneath Me
My professing my desire to learn to surf, and how without being able to, I have already found something beautiful in it.

What People Think About Me
It’s a pretty common thought that you shouldn’t care what people think about you, but I think that you should care.

White Out Conditions
After spending a day trapped in the house during a snowstorm with my inconsolable teething infant I escaped to my office to write down my thoughts on the day.

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